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Welcome To El-Zahra oil services

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El Zahra Oil Services Company is widely known in the industry as a provider of the highest quality service and equipment available. Whether it’s machinery, repair services, or parts and materials, a great deal of thought goes into each and every job we encounter.
Our experience in offshore drilling rigs, we have the know-how to professionally advise our customers and help them make sound decisions. As our customers know, when there’s not a conventional answer to a problem, we specialize in welding operation. As we design and build a project, we use the materials and equipment best suited to perform the job, while balancing this with common sense to provide the best overall ratio of cost to performance.
Our customers can always count on us to do our best to keep up with technology, while streamlining the old ‘tried and true’ methods used in our industry. With this approach,our customers are allowed to get the most from their facility and processing equipment.

Our Clients

Working with Global Santafe and Transocean in most of the Installation and Repair legs and replace most of the deck and tanks plates.
Working with Nile Egypt Plastech in steel works, main gates, tanks & piping works.
Carrying out some jobs for Dubai Ports.
Working with Sino Tharwa Drilling in supplying manpower and equipments.
Note: if our client does not have welding procedure just we need the type of steel and we can supply by certified welding procedure.

All operation covered by $4,000,000 insurance.



El Zahra Oil Services Company, we regard safety as one of the vanguards of our business.
This is not only because we care deeply about each and every person we employ; but also because we strive to maintain an accident-free work zone for our customers.