Quality procedures

ALZAHRAA oil services Company always strives reach the highest levels of quality and efficiency by bringing about the procedures followed in the framework of established HSE and addresses some of the items the next procedures and instructions used to achieve the global goals of quality in some areas.

First: welding

The company has developed a set of instructions and procedures to ensure the highest level of quality in the work of the various welding.
A- Section on welding tasks represented in the personal (Overall, special welding, Welding helmet and protective, Gloves welding, Welding work snowshoeing, glasses)
B- The second part addresses the specifications of welding equipment and come by providing heaters private wire welding and isolate the weld from the air through making a private shelter for the welder non-flammable and the provision of cables for welding suitable conformity with the specifications and also provide an observer of the fire extinguisher is trained to firefighting operations on the work of welding will be required in the case of work places open to provide suitable conditions to be off work in conditions of high winds or something like that to maintain the quality of welds and also for the safety of welders.
C- After the welding process it should be covered with a layer of asbestos welding or wool non-flammable to ensure there are no cracks.
D- All employees of Zahra welders are trained to the highest level and obtaining the certification of the American bureau of shipping ABS.

Second: Cutting works

The company has developed a set of instructions and procedures to ensure the highest level of quality in the Cutting works process.
The section on welding tasks represented in the personal (special Overall for cutting works, gloves, shoe special work pieces, glasses)
The second part addresses the specifications of cutting equipment are checking equipment before use to ensure that any leakage of gas.
1- It is a must to ensure that there are non-return valves for all cutting equipment.
2- The regular semi-annual check of all cylinders and the work of test pressure.
3- The region of the operations must be completely free of flammable materials.
4- Cylinder storage area should be divided into separate sections for storing various types of cylinders in places as far apart.
5- The rack of cylinders composed of two parts, one for oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder for the last interval between them no less than 12 mm.
6- All employees of the cutting works of fully trained and have sufficient experience in the cutting works.
7- Adhere to all company employees in the cutting process making sure not to access any type of counters, cutting oils, as well as the bulb pieces.

Third: painting

The painting of the work of mineral processing and metal includes surfaces Application, protection and drying of the paint layers and provide all the tools, tackles and Alsagaal and labor and materials necessary for the entire business.
Paint must be identical to the requirements of the relevant specifications of the paint is paint all kinds of steel generally the basis of one workshop and three aspects of site work. Colors must be as specified.
Colors are different aspects of each to allow the discovery of the unfinished business of paints.

Painting at workshop

Painting is the work of structural steel workshop with the exception of structural members or their parts are buried in the concrete or mortar.Painted parts are shown partially buried subscribers and 50 mm in depth only in the buried surfaces. With the exception of adjacent surfaces, the parts or surfaces that are difficult to painted or assembled after Installed, cleaned and take two layers of primer unless otherwise stated.
Not paint surfaces are to be welded or bolted together with high resistance to friction.
Surfaces are located within 50 mm of places of welds made on site free of any paint may prevent the implementation of the weld well.
The focal links are allowed to paint, without any condition in.
The links in the resistance to sliding, adjacent parts are clean before assembly, but are not painted.
A sufficient amount of paint workshop is delivered with Mission structural steel supplied to the site and those Structural parts of the fat that was painted to damage during transport and shipping, while maintaining the additional quantity of the paint as needed to ensure the continuation of work on the site.
The paint in the workshop and prepare surfaces in is accordance with the relevant standard specifications.

Preparation surfaces

Preparing surfaces is in accordance with the relevant standard specifications.
Plan is arranged for the number of surfaces to allow for acceptance of all work after the execution of the manufacturing company.
After inspection and before leaving the workshop, it should be cleaned steel works.
Parts of the rust are removed and the fragile crust and Plash, slag or deposits of iron smelting.


Paint composition of the workshop is according to relevant standard specifications.
Immediately after cleaning and before leaving the workshop, paint all parts of the origin iron primer paint according to manufacturer's instructions at a rate to achieve dry film thickness of not less than 1.5mm.
Paint methods are used that achieve full coverage of joints and corners and edges and all exposed surfaces.

Examination of paint workshop

Examination is arranged to accept the paint workshop, each process terminates the factory.
Paint systems are examined, including materials and thickness immediately after the implementation of the realization of the paint.
When you examine the thickness of the membrane is wet paint must be measured immediately after implementation.