Gamal Ebaid Mohamed - Chairman and Genral Manager of the comapny

Is mainly responsible for the safety and the seriousness of the company's operations.
mobile : 01004472828

Mohamed Abd El-Aziz - Director of Operations

Follow-up operations of the company and develop strong relationships with a wide range of individuals and financial decision-making.
mobile : 01287910999

Mohamed Hossam - Director of Personnel

Is responsible for all transactions with individuals and workers of the company and the preparation of periodic reports on the performance of employees and the achievements of the organizational unit and evaluated in order to improve performance and workflow.
mobile : 01004078908

Ayman Farouk - Official Occupational Health and Safety

Assumes all responsibility for health and safety and the environment the company is also responsible for those activities in order to achieve global goals of quality, health and safety and the environment is also responsible for the overall planning, conservation and planning full administrative system in order to achieve the desired goals of these activities.

Hassan Fathy Saleh - Financial Manager

Entrusted with the tasks of financial accounting manager, Supply, or human resources management. And is responsible for the relationship with the banks.

Mohamed Abd El-Aziz - Maintenance Manager

Follow-up maintenance of all equipment company and format documents and certificates for each equipment.

Hatem Ibrahim - Director of Contracts and Insurance

Contracts and documentation necessary paperwork for Social Security for all individuals in the company.

Mohamed Yousef - Director of the follow-up and implementation

Responsible for the actions of the implementation of the project in terms of employment and in terms of the distribution request of the materials used and also keep up with the schedule works.

Mohamed Hossam - Marketing Manager

Responsible for planning, organizing and selling activity and calendar control over the sales activities and is responsible also determine Ahtejat the department of human resources and their qualifications and their needs.